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First Consultation

(est 1 hour in duration)

During this consultation we will customize your eating plan to compliment and suit your lifestyle so that it’s sustainable and easy to follow. Should you wish you can share any past trauma, emotional experiences etc in order for us to understand you better and keep certain things in mind when suggesting a plan. Remember you need to be in charge and no weight loss/eating program must ever rule your life! We will also explain how and when to use the formula and everything it entails.

Monthly Follow Up

(est 15 minutes in duration)

We will need to see you on a monthly basis until you have reached your goal weight to adjust your eating plan when necessary, slowly incorporating exercise at a certain stage and discuss each month’s reachable weight loss goal according to your personal profile for that specific month.

Once you have reached your goal weight we will assist you with the maintenance program.

Average Weight Loss

Depending on your personal profile, lifestyle & your own effort the average weight loss per month:

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